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Meet Geo-je Mongdol soap


This soap, from the everyday threats of contamination and irritation,

will protect and sooth you with citron’s moisturising effect and by anti-bacterial effect of Tea tree,

will wipe you out of all the dust and germs(and stress, of course).


Geoje mondol
Resembling the Silence of Waves

The Mong-dol is a kind of pebble that is formed from huge rocks,
by thounsands of crackings and then rounded by waves over a long period of time.


the natural shape of Mong-dol may be found by washing these soaps under a stream of running water.

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with the blue sea of ​​Geoje

Geoje's green and blue sea was put in a mongolian soap.

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Ingredients after the many characteristics of Geoje

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- Refreshing

- The cumulative relief of mental

- Pain relief

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Citron (Yu-ja, Yuzu)


- Rich in citric acid
& vitamin c

- Moisturising
& improved sleeping

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Tea tree


- Antibacterial

- Anti-inflammatory

- Antiviral

- Treat Acne

active ingredients

- Citron(Yu-ja, Yuzu) extracts(from Geo-je)

- Tea tree oil

other: Glycerol, distilled water, Etc.

신뢰를 담아낸 거제몽돌비누

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Geoje citron is cultivated with a lot of sunshine and strong sea breeze,

has thick peels, a lot of juice, and a long-lasting flavor of deep citron.
In addition, vitamins are three times higher than lemons,

so it has a whitening effect as well as maintaining moist skin
It also has trouble prevention effects.

How-to Geoje Mongdol


soak the soap in running water to wash hands and face with lather or use a towel to make foam.

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Before ordering !

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production/expiration date

the production dates are stamped on the inside of the package or the internal tag - the products can be used within
two years after the production.

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to make the the surface to be more smooth

all of the soaps are hand-made and thus may not be very smooth on the surface when newly made.
they can be made very smooth, like Mong-dol,
by washing in water!


A piece of night brought by the sea

weight 100g(±5~10g)


country of manufacture South Korea


skin type all


phone (+82)70-4007-4191


precaution not for specialised medicinal use. simple beauty use only.