Bath to Life

​마음을 향해 나아갑니다




Establishment of Nightswimming

Night Swimming, which owns the identity of 'Bath to life, moving toward the mind', is a spa product brand made from organic ingredients obtained from the sea.
When you soak yourself in the bath water in which Night Swimming products dissolve, it would make you feel as if you are in the sea and remind you of its fond memories, inducing a natural meditation. Beyond just helping you wash your body, Night Swimming contains the feelings of the sea so that you will become one with the nature, and its products with emotional design make you encounter the beautiful and colorful sea at the very moment when you dip your body or foot in any place. 

A piece of night brought by the sea

Design of Nightswimming

The logo of NightSwimming, which combines the shapes of the glittering wheels reflected on the surface of the night sea with the simple typography, utilized emotional shapes such as the moon and stars in the night sky to show the romantic and romantic image of this brand. In addition, it is designed to be able to replace various shapes of the sea according to the season or product line, so that various logo variability can be made. In terms of logo typography, the W of NightSwimming is matched with wave-shaped wave patterns so that users can associate the sea from the logo.

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​나의 숙면, 나잇 스위밍